we will propose you with the best available at its quality level and best price for your requested.
WizZeLa Holiday are offered to those who need assistance whether it is for pleasure or out of necessity, WizZeLa Holiday are available to taking care of your needs with daily life activities and offers various services.

"Bali In Your Heart"

WizZeLa Group

Bako & Kopi

Selling Various Types of Tobacco And Selected Coffee
From Mole To Premium Tobacco
Starting From Ordinary Brewed Coffee to Premium Coffee with an elegant presentation

Tasty And Yummy

Wizzela Food & Drink menyediakan Delivery order untuk semua menu masakan kami, Home made & Higienis

Tasty & yummy



We design great websites and all sorts of interactive products from start to finish 

Who We Are

• I Gde Wisnu (Founder & Developer)

• Anggela (Founder & Creative Director)

• Anton Kristianto (Design Grafis)

How We Work

We make client need with simple way in High quality & guarantee.

We commit to provide the highest value for our partner, client and employee treat as family, respect each other and success together for long life sustainable business in hospitality.
Providing an authentic Balinese experience in living culture by charming people with warmest services.

What We Believe

We share with investor to encourage and motivate community to pursue the wellbeing life, enhance the prosperity, environment conservation, and enrich the cultural trough economic visibility

We advise on creating brand and promoting it insentively becoming remarkable brand, creating for the logo and the tag line of the property to bring  into a certain positioning in the market



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